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Summer 2018 Update

Unfortunately I don’t have the resources to continue the 72 Hands project.  I have applied for grants and appealed for donations without success.  When I have time I will try to upload the 30+ videos of ceramics techniques that I have already filmed.  In the meantime, I hope you will visit https://glazy.org, an open-source ceramics recipes library which I am still maintaining.

From the Tiangong Kaiwu (天工開物) encyclopedia compiled by Song Yingxing (宋应星) at the end of the Ming Dynasty comes the oft-cited quote:


For the total work required to make a single cup, it must pass through 72 hands, and only then can it become a vessel.

72 Hands is an effort to document all types of ceramics techniques.  The video style is very simple- a single take of each technique focusing on the artisan’s hands.  Each video is accompanied by an article with a description of the technique and photos.  Videos are shot in high-resolution 4K Ultra-HD resolution which gives a clear view of the technique.

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