Folk Blue & White, Xu Lin Feng 徐林峰

Folk Blue & White, Xu Lin Feng 徐林峰
September 2, 2017 72 Hands

After graduating from the prestigious Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Xu Linfeng travelled to Jingdezhen in order to immerse himself in traditional porcelain manufacturing.  In 2004, Xu Linfeng joined The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, helping them build their artists’ studio and assisting foreign artists.  During this time, Xu broadened his knowledge of Chinese porcelain techniques while also befriending a number of Western artists.

In 2010, Xu Linfeng moved to Shanghai in order to start a ceramics production studio for a well-known furniture maker, Chunzai.  For the next few years, Xu honed his skills in both ceramics and management.

After starting a family, Xu returned to Jingdezhen in order to build an independent studio.  He is now making blue & white ware inspired by Chinese folk kilns.

Xu's Tip: Leaves for Rims

Chamois leather is commonly used to smooth the rims of freshly thrown forms, but a variety of other materials like newspaper & plastic bags can be used as well. Xu recommends leaves, ideally bamboo, but leaves from common grasses work just as well.

The blue & white underglaze after mixing with a commonly-used type of brush.

A couple of Xu's small Blue & White bowls after firing.

Ming dynasty folk kiln blue & white bowls, the inspiration for Xu's current work.